Celtic Comet P* (ZCC)


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Celtic Comet P* (ZCC)

By Lykke Sirius P, a noted sire of many of the best cows in Denmark. 


Dam- Celtic Roxane  is a very milky cow, with a good udder, and good fertility. She is a full sister flushmate to Celtic Rock, Sire of bulls sold to Stg £20,000 in Perth.
Six of Rock’s sons have sold to average Stg £11,000 at Perth.
Comet P’s own performance: Birth 51kg, 150 dys = 303 kg; 210 dys = 456 kg; 365 dys = 674 kgs.   
ICBF rating, Feb ’13: 
4 Star Maternal,  
5 Star Terminal,  
5 Star Docility.  
Top 1% of Simmentals for Size,  
Top 2% for Muscle. 
Comet P should breed size, muscle, milk and 50% polled calves, from horned cows.

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Feb 2013 126 130 48%

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Celtic Comet


Lykke Sirius Dovefields Gallant
Lykke Opulus
Celtic Roxane Carnkern Titan
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