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A Celtic Rock son has weighed in at 807 Kgs on his 365th day, in Danish Performance test.

Saturday 28 January 2017

 Kristinesminde Lancelot P, a Celtic Rock son produced a top weight of 807 kgs at 365 days in the Danish Performance Test station.  The bull was bred by a young new Simmental breeder - Mindine Kristens, and out of a cow bred in the famous Bakkely herd.  The young Celtic Rock son has generated a lot of interest in Denmark and Germany.

Celtic Comet P''s first sons to appear in Sterling bull sales sold well.

Monday 15 February 2016

 Top price for the Celtic Comet''s came to Sterling £7,200.  Twin bulls born in October 2014 to Celtic Comet P sold for Sterling £6,800 and £3,500.

Fleckvieh x Holstein - Crossbreeding for low-input milk produktion and better fitness

Tuesday 01 December 2015

 Fleckvieh cross cows can rival pure milk producing breeds in terms of milk yield, but with the advantage of ensuring additional income through their fertility, good fitness and milk of high quality.  

Additional income results from the sale of the bull calf. The birth of a Fleckvieh calf is much more than the trigger for a new lactation. The results of crossbreeding with Holstein-Friesian and red cattle in Scandinavia are extraordinary.  
Breeders appreciate the high performance and the high level of total solids in milk as well as bull calf income.
  • Low somatic cell count
  • Optimum milking speed (~ 2.5 l / min.)
  • Excellent Fertility
  • Additional income from the sale of calves and cull cows

The crossbreed that generates greater income for the farm...for increased profitability
The durable strength provided by the Fleckvieh not only optimises health and fitness, but also beef value. FLECKVIEH x HOLSTEIN bull calves generate extra income not more problems.
One farmer has tracked his crossbred calf income over the last year. He has received the equivalent of 1.6 cents €/litre more for each litre of milk sold from the farm as a result of the higher price received for his Fleckvieh cross calves. 
Within a dairy herd, there are four potential income streams:
  • Milk sales
  • Heifer sales
  • Bull calf sales
  • Cull cow sales
With Fleckvieh you will have:
  • Good production
  • Well attached silky udders
  • Low cell counts
  • Longevity

Fleckvieh crossbreds are milking from Austria, Czech, Slovakia, France, Germany, Turkey, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica and the UK and everywhere the same scenario: strong, long-lasting productive cows that are profitable for their owners. 

  • On average the Holstein breed can produce more milk than the Fleckvieh breed. However this milk is produced at a greater cost:
  • Holstein breed is displaying increased inbreeding and this is lowering reproductive performance.
  • In Austria Fleckvieh cows need about 15% less semen straws to get into calve as a result of better fertility. 
  • Fleckvieh is a low mastitis breed, costing less in treatments, with less milk thrown away and lost milk production .
  • Fleckvieh breed is 30% lower in SCC than Holstein in Austria.
  • The Fleckvieh cows, on average, live longer than Holsteins; about ½ calf more per lifetime, on 2000 cows, this is a lot of extra calves.
  • Fleckvieh has more calves that lice than Holstein, about 20% lower stillbirths, again this adds up to a lot of calves.
  • Fewer metabolic health problems with Flecks than Holstein, less LDA’s for example.
  • Fewer genetic defects in Flecks than Holst.


Triple A Codes

Tuesday 01 December 2015

FLECKVIEH from Austria: An easy keeping, dual purpose breed for todays dairy business!!

Tuesday 01 December 2015


The importation of yellow coloured bulls from the Swiss Simmental region and cross-breeding with local red and white spotted Austrian cattle (Fleckvieh) results in a medium stature and very robust breed in various shades of colour and markings. The variety in colour is of no significance as far as usage or genetic properties are concerned. 

Foundation of the first Austrian Simmental Fleckvieh Breeding Association. 

As late as 1950
The top priority was milk, meat and work (featuring superior fitness and a good temperment as a basis for balanced breeding). 

After 1975
Milk and fitness were given increased attention while still keeping an eye on meat output. 

Introduction of the Total Merit Index as a very balanced Breeding Aim for milk, beef and fitness.



With over 1.7 million animals, the Fleckvieh/Simmental is the most widely spread breed of cattle in Austria. Simmental/Fleckvieh can be found in intensive big-scale farms in Europe and North America, Australia or South America as well as countries where cattle on small scale farms secure the daily survival of their owners. 

Recently, great gains have been made in the genetic milk productiveness of the Fleckvieh through breed management to the point that the Fleckvieh rivals pure milk producing dairy breeds. Special value is placed on the Fleckvieh fitness characteristics including fertility, longevity, calving ease, udder health, milking speed, somatic cell count, and persistence.

A large percentage of young Fleckvieh cattle are on alpine grazing for the entire Summer months – this involves foraging on very sparse vegetation, on steep slopes, and results in good overall health and longevity.   

Breeding Index:

  • Milk 38 %
  • Beef 16 %
  • Fitness 46 %



  • Population: 1.626.105
  • Registered cows:277.579
  • Herds: 16.413
  • Share of breed: 77,7 % (7,4 % of cows on alpine grazing)



  • Life weight: 650 – 850 kg.
  • Height of the rump: 140 – 150 cm
  • First calving (months): 29,8
  • Productive life span (yrs.): 3,8



  • Fat 4,2 %
  • Protein 3,7 %
  • Milk performance 2014 (all cows): 7.473 kg - 4.15 % F - 3.43 % P (305 Days)  


Production options: 

Dairy dual purpose breed, excellent for crossing in commercial crossing for dairying. Suitable to all production and climate conditions, fertility, longevity, fit for pasture and loose housing. 

Simmental cows, due to their longevity often reach their peak performance in later lactations. The high sales value of cull cows and the excellent fattening properties of male progeny offer additional sources of income. 

Guaranteed efficiency thanks to:

  • Excellent fertility: non-return rate: 72%
  • Calving intervals: 392 days
  • Low replacement rate: 21%
  • Low somatic cell count
  • Calving ease: 95,3 %
  • Live calves born: 96 %  

... superior beef performance! 

Genetic AUSTRIA GmbH has tested a selection of Fleckvieh bulls for the ß-casein status

Tuesday 01 December 2015

ß-Casein A2 Genetic AUSTRIA GmbH has tested a selection of Fleckvieh bulls for the ß-casein status – A1A2, A1A1 or A2A2. In milk, the casein proteins can either be A1 or A2 or a mixture of the two. The A1 proteinbehaves like an opiate and epidemiological studies have implicated the A1-protein in heart disease, type 1 diabetes, autism and schizophrenia as well as digestive upsets amongst some people.


Goat andhuman milk, as well as the milk from BosIndicus cattle breeds is A2, however a mutation occurred in European (Bos Taurus) breeds 5,000 – 10,000 years ago which caused some cows to produce the A1 beta-casein.

The percentage o fcows that are homozygous A2 varies between breeds. Branded A2-milk and dairy products are available in New Zealand, Australia, UK, and Chinawith future plans to launch A2 milk in the US.Of the 41 Fleckvieh bulls sampled 7% tested A1A1, 54% tested A1A2 and 39% tested A2A2 – the following bulls are homozygous A2:








DE 09 47682251




AT 623.710.746




AT 875.986.109




AT 067.387.916




AT 794.603.316




AT 951.636.717




AT 499.482.519




DE 09 43205318




AT 273.921.518




AT 840.792.116




AT 841.069.834




AT 162.724.219




AT 260.829.316




AT 639.710.516




AT 168.213.272




AT 542.420.119




AT 643.735.845




AT 806.062.819




AT 959.964.317




AT 804.786.716




AT 430.669.419




AT 247.386.419




AT 063.994.717




AT 704.199.307




AT 221.512.514




AT 400.482.914




DE 08 13516428




AT 653.713.345




DE 09 43227914




AT 376.376.418




AT 400.484.214




AT 231.585.817




AT 834.390.309




AT 172.718.519




AT 934.175.619




AT 631.632.316




AT 196.153.916




AT 461.537.709


Confident Crossbreeding with the second largest dairy breed in the world

Monday 23 November 2015

Confident Crossbreeding with the second largest dairy breed in the world.

Celtic Comet P son - Heathbrow Freddie Star takes Interbreed Junior Championship

Tuesday 21 July 2015

The Heathbrow Simmental herd had a great day out recently at the Royal Norfolk Show, when their young bull Heathbrow Freddie Star won the Interbreed Junior championship.  He is yet another winning son of their imported stock bull Celtic Comet P, and has since been sold to the Boshan herd of John and Bridget Olds, for delivery in September.  Freddie Star is unbeaten to date in his own class, but going on to take the Interbreed title was an even greater achievement.

Simmental Breeder Raymond O Malley imports Celtic Comet P Son

Monday 20 July 2015

 One of Ireland''s largest Polled Simmental breeders has purchased the bull Heathbrow Ferguson - a polled son of Celtic Comet P for his Lanmor Herd in County Louth.  The bull, born in May 2014 is out of Dirnanean Sarah, and was purchased privately from David and Lesley Sapsed.

Gerard Brickley judging the Swiss National Simmental Championship

Saturday 20 June 2015

Having previously judged Simmental at the Royal Ulster, The Scottish Simmental National Show, The German National Simmental Show, and in Austria, it was a great pleasure. and a great honour to be invited recently to judge the National Championship in the original home of the Simmental Breed - in Switzerland itself.  The emphasis on Beef Simmental has grown in recent years and the level of muscling has improved significantly, throught he importation of semen, mainly from Ireland, the UK, Denmark and Germany. Beef Simmental can now stand their own ground in Switzerland again.  Breeders study the pedigrees and performance well, and are making great progress in both conformation and Polledness.


Heathbrow''s Polled Celtic Comet P son wins Interbreed at Newark show, England.

Saturday 16 May 2015

 Heathbrow Freddie Star, claimed the Simmental Male championship at Newark show, recently, and went on the following day to enter and win the Junior Interbreed title.  The Polled son of Heathbrow''s Stock bull Celtic Comet P brought great joy to owners Lesley and David Sapsed on their first show-day outing of the year.

Celtic Comet P''s progeny swept the Simmental classes at England''s Newark show

Saturday 16 May 2015

 The Heathbrow herd had a hugely successfull day out at Newark show this year, due to the success of the progeny from their stock bull Celtic Comet P. Comet''s progeny success on the day included:

  • Heathbrow Sarah''s Excellence - a May born heifer that won the 2 year old January class.
  • Heathbrow Fanny - a yearling heifer, won her class of 7 and went on to claim the Reserve Female Simmental title.
  • Heathbrow Flavia - second in the same class.
  • Heathbrow Freddie Star - a  yearling bull, won his class of 7 and went on to claim the Male Simmental Championship. The following day, he went on to win the Junior Interbreed.

And all of these Heathbrow stars are Polled.

Heathbrow Flavia claims East of England Simmental Calf Championship.

Monday 11 May 2015

 Heathbrow Flavia, one of Celtic Comet P''s first crop of calves, exhibited by David and Lesley Sapsed, claimed the East of England Simmental Calf Championship.

Celtic Rock sires another Simmental Champion at Stirling Bull sales

Monday 11 May 2015

 Ballymoney Edwin, bred by Mrs Mai Kilpatrick of Banbridge, Northern Ireland took the Simmental Bull Champion title at the May bull sales.  The Celtic Rock sired bull , born in December 2013 was selected as Champion in the Scottish venue by judge Harry Wood.  The bull later went on to sell for Sterling 4,000 Gns.

Top Suckler farmer Ger Dineen with one of his Curaheen Tyson (TSO) cows

Saturday 09 May 2015

 Ger Dineen''s suckler herd has great milk, docility and is producing top  quality young bull beef profitably.  Some of the top cows in the herd are by the 5 Star Maternal Simmental bull - TSO - Curaheen Tyson.  Ger seen here with one of the Curaheen Tyson cows.

Rabawn Ernie claims Male Simmental Champion title and top price.

Friday 01 May 2015

 Rabawn Ernie, a son of the Record Priced Simmental Bull Curaheen Tyson, claimed the Male championship and top price of the day at Euro 8,200 at the Irish Simental Society May sale 2014, for the Maguire Brothers of Co. Leitrim.  The bull was purchased by one of Northern Ireland''s leading breeders - Mr Joe Wilson for use on his Pedigree Simmental Herd.


Celtic Sires now offering Dairy Fleckvieh semen

Thursday 09 April 2015

Celtic Sires are now offering Dairy Fleckvieh semen in Ireland from all Austrian Dairy Fleckvieh bulls.  Current stocks include many of the top Daughter Proven bulls on the Current list, including Wille - the top bull on index, with 99% reliability, GS Vox, GS Versetto, Heiduck, and Rufuss.  More details to follow shortly, or email us for more information on these bulls

Junior Heifer Champion title goes to Glebefarm Tyson daughter Fohera Emma

Sunday 07 December 2014

The Maguire Brothers from Ballinamore claimed the Junior Heifer Champion title at the Irish Simmental Society''s Premier Autumn sale and went on to achieve the top price for a maiden heifer at the sale.  Fohera Emma, by Glebefarm Tyson, was an outstanding female at the show, easily the best muscled female on the day, and with great size and frame to go with it.  Purchased by Mr Padge Mulhare for his Internationally renowned Hillcrest herd, at Euro 7,500.  Emma was born in March ''13, and had previously won the Overall Champion Simmental title at Summer shows in Oldcastle, Arva and Cloone. 


Jaegergaard Erantis P wins top Danish Interbreed Championship

Wednesday 01 October 2014

Celtic Rock daughter, Jaegergaard Erantis P won the Overall Championship at the 2014 National Show in Herning.  She went on to win the Interbreed title also on the same day.  The cow showed thremendous size, a great wide frame, an excellent udder and good musling.

Carbery Ellemay wins National Yearling Heifer title 2014

Monday 01 September 2014

Keith Vickery''s Carbery Ellemay won the National Simmental Yearling title at Tullamore 2014.  The heifer was widely admired not just for her muscling and style, but also for her good size.  Sired by Anatrim Bodybuilder, she displayed all the great fleshing qualities of her sire.

Anatrim Bodybuilder sold for €10,000 at the Celtic Herd Dispersal

Friday 15 November 2013

Anatrim Bodybuilder sold to Martin Regan of Corrib Simmentals, at the end of very spirited bidding at the Celtic Herd dispersal.  

Corskie Classy wins many Simmental Championships in Scotland

Tuesday 01 October 2013

Corskie Classy - Reserve Female RHS 2013, Reserve Female and Reserve overall at the Scottish National 2013, Simmental and Interbreed Champion at New Deer 2013, Simmental and Reserve Interbreed at Grantown 2013, Simmental Champion at Turriff 2013, Reserve Female and Reserve Overall Simmental at Black Isle and Keith 2013.

Corskie Classy, a Celtic Rock daughter, claims Reserve Overall Simmental Champion Highland show.

Saturday 20 July 2013

Corskie Classy, a very stylish and powerfull 2 year old Celtic Rock daughter won a very strong class at the Royal Highland show this year.  She then went on to take the Reserve Female title and the Reserve Overall Simmental Champion. Later, she was one of the team that won the Interbreed Group of 3 for Corskie.

Correction of inaccuracy in Celtic Sires Catalogue re Auroch Banshee ET / Record price.

Friday 07 June 2013

Celtic Sires would like to apologise to Milton Simmental for an inadvertent overclaim in our 2013 Catalogue. Auroch Banshee ET was incorrectly described as Ireland''s record priced Simmental Female.  In fact, Milton Majesty holds this title.  She was sold inf Fermoy Mart in October 2003 for €21,000 to Dorothty Moffett''s Innerwick herd.  Auroch Banshee should have been described as the Record Priced Simmental sold at an Irish Simmental Society Sale.  She was of course also the top priced Simmental of 2011, when she sold for €17,000 to the Corby family.


We apologise for this overclaim.  Milton Majesty''s price is clearly on the record, and we would never intentionally  try to imply othewise.

Mountath GAA fundraiser with Celtic Herd heifer

Thursday 16 May 2013

Mountrath GAA are engaged in a complete re-vamp of their facilities - the entire pitch has to be drained at 1 metre intervals, all existing surface removed, built up 1 meter higher, and covered with fresh topsoil. The GAA club need to raise €200,000 to cover the cost and they aim to raise most of the funds through a TEXT competition which will be heavily promoted at all major GAA fixtures this summer. 


First prize is a top quality Pedigree Simmental Heifer - Celtic Dosh, donated by the Celtic Herd.


A share of the proceeds of the competition will also go to Crumlin Children''s hospital.




Six Celtic Rock sons have sold to average Sterling £11,000 at Perth bull sales

Thursday 16 May 2013

Celtic Rock continues to prove his worth as a producer of so many top priced bulls at the famous Perth, now Sterling Bull sales in Scotland.  Six of Rock''s sons have sold to average £11,000 to date.  Rock seems to cross very well on average sized, thick, easy fleshing cows.  Rock usually adds bone and power, with progeny mostly having excellent toplines and nice round hindquarters.  

ICBF''s new Active Bull list places Three Celtic Sires bulls in the top 10.

Thursday 16 May 2013

ICBF''s just released Active Bull list places Celtic Sires Bulls in first, third and seventh place in the Maternal  list.  Curaheen Tyson came first, with a value of €250, Glebefarm Tyson 3rd, with a value of €161, and Celtic Rock in seventh place, in the Simmental list, with a very respectable value of €78.


Reliabilities are relatively high for the three bulls at 73%, 63% and 81% respectively, as data is now in the system on the performance of calved daughters of all three bulls.

Curaheen Tyson has again shot up to the top of the Irish Simmental list with ICBF

Thursday 16 May 2013

ICBF''s recently released Active Bull list shows Celtic Sire's Curaheen Tyson has again gone to the top of the list, with a strong degree of reliability - 73% for Maternal, and 82% for the Termainal index.  Tyson, with a Euro value of €250 comes top of the active Simmental list, and his Terminal index of €134 puts him top of the Terminal Simmental list also.  Calving ease is good, at 5.3%, which is just below the overall Simmental Breed average of 5.37%.

Celtic Comet P - the first Irish bred Polled Simmental in AI is now available.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Semen from Celtic Comet P, - the first Irish bred Polled Simmental to enter AI is now available from David & Lesley Sapsed, Heathbrow in Great Britain, and from Celtic Sires for Ireland, Northern Ireland and the rest of the World. Comet P served 5 females before leaving the Celtic Herd, 3 heifers and 2 cows.  All 5 calved without any problems and reasulted in 6 live calves.  In fact, two of the heifers were only 24 months at the time of calving.  Calves are showing good promise - excellent toplines and width over the hind quarters, and look like they''re going to grow on very well.

Celtic Sires progeny achieving top prices in Irish Simmental Breeding

Wednesday 08 May 2013

2012 was a very successfull year for Irish Simmental Breeders using Celtic Sires Semen.  Both the top price bull - Fearna Commander - a Glebefarm Tyson son who sold for €10,000  and Rathlee Caprice - a Curaheen Tyson daughter, who sold for €14,000, achieved the 2 top prices paid to Irish Simmental Breeders in 2012.  


This achievement was all the more significant when one realises that only 7% of Pedigree Simmental Calves registered in Ireland are by Celtic Sires semen. 

Glynwood Demon wins youngest class at Simmental Tullamore Sale

Sunday 21 April 2013

Glynwood Demon, an 11 month old Curaheen Tyson son won his class at the Irish Simmental Society''s Tullamore Sale on 20 April 2013. A very well muslced and early maturing calf, he shows a lot of potential.

Two of the 5 bull classes at Irish Simmental Society Premier Spring sale were won by sons of Celtic Sires bulls

Sunday 10 March 2013

The Junior Champion title at this spring''s Irish Simmental Society Premier Sale went to Curaheen Tyson son - Coolatinny Dell Boy, a January ''12 born calf out of a Hurtig cow.  The bull was ranked 5 stars for both Maternal and Terminal on ICBF''s system, and went on to sell for €4,000, on a day when prices were generally very low.  


Celtic Director, also a Curaheen Tyson son won his class and later sold to Brian Allen''s famous Glenturk herd in Scotland. Director was out of Celtic Radiant, a full sister flushmate of Celtic Rock, who has producted so many  top priced bulls in the Perth and Sterling sales, Scotland, and has also bred very well for the Glenturk herd.



Rathlee Caprice, a Curaheen Tyson Daughter has been sold for a 2012 Irish Simmental Record price of Euro 14,000 to the UK.

Monday 01 October 2012

Gerry Lenehan''s Rathlee Caprice, a Curaheen Tyson daughter has been sold for export to the UK for the year''s top Simmental price of Euro 14,000.  She was purchased by Ian and Julie Turbey, for their Shannock Simmental herd in Norfolk, England.

Celtic Sires bull Glebefarm Tyson sired the Champion and top price - Fearna Commander, at the Irish Simmental Society Premier Spring Sale 2012

Monday 02 April 2012

Fearna Commander, produced by Neenan Brothers from Ballyhaunis was declared Champion at the Irish Simmental Society''s Spring premier sale 2012.  He went on to claim €10,000 - the top price of the day. 

First Irish Polled Simmental export took place this week

Monday 19 March 2012

The first Irish polled Simmental export took place this week, when Celtic Comet was exported to David and Lesley Sapsed''s Heathbrow Herd in Codicote, Hertfordshire. The Sapsed''s whose herd is of the leading UK show herds have been breeding polled Simmentals for over 10 years and first spotted the calf in Angela and Gerard Brickley''s herd when visiting some Irish herds last summer. They returned recently to buy the bull ahead of the Simmental Society Sale later this month in Roscommon and hope to have him on the show circuit in the UK this year. It is planned to have semen from Comet available later in the year.

Celtic Rock son claims Reserve Junior Champion Title at Stirling Bull sales.

Friday 16 March 2012

Glenturk Bonanza - a very stylish Celtic Rock son that had earlier been Supreme Champion at the British Simmental Calf show at Agri Expo in November 2011, went on to win his class at the Stirling Bull Sales in February 12. He later sold for 7,000gns

Curaheen Tyson son wins his class at Stirling and goes on to sell for 9,000gns

Friday 16 March 2012

Sperrin View Brilliance 10 - a solid red Curaheen Tyson bull shown by Harold Stubbs of Northern Ireland, won his Class at the February 12 Stirling Bull Sales and sold for 9,000gns later in the day. 

The first Irish Polled Simmental export took place this week, when Celtic Comet was exported to David and Lesley Sapsed''s Heathbrow Herd in Codicote, Hertfordshire.

Wednesday 14 March 2012

The first Irish Polled Simmental export took place this week, when Celtic Comet was exported to David and Lesley Sapsed''s Heathbrow Herd in Codicote, Hertfordshire. The Sapsed''s whose herd is one of the leading UK show herds, have been breeding polled Simmentals for over 10 years and first spotted the calf in Angela and Gerard Brickley''s herd when visiting some Irish herds last summer. They returned recently to buy the bull ahead of the Simmental Society''s Premier sale later this month in Roscommon, and hope to have him on the show circut in the UK this year. It is hoped to have semen from Comet available later in the year.



Coolatinny Dell Boy - Junior Champion Simmental by Curaheen Tyson sold to Northern Ireland for Euro 4,000

Sunday 11 March 2012

Noel Forde of Ballinlough, County Roscommon produced Coolantinny Dell Boy to win his class and go on to take the Junior Champion title at this year''s Premier Spring Sale run by the Irish Simmental Society.  He was later purchased by Northern Irish buyer Gordan McFarland of Newtownsteward, County Tyrone, on what was a good day for buyers, with prices depressed throughout the day, due to the poor fodder situation and late Spring being experienced in Ireland.

Brian Allen purchased the first prize winning son of Curaheen Tyson - Celtic Director for his Glenturk Simmental herd in Scotland, at the Irish Simmental Society''s premier Spring sale, 2012, in Roscommon.

Saturday 10 March 2012

Celtic Director, a growthy Curaheen Tyson son, out of a full sister to Celtic Rock was exported to one of Scotland''s leading herds after winning his class at the Irish Society''s Spring Premier bull sale.  The purchaser was Brian Allen, who runs the Glenturk Simmenal herd in South West Scotland.


Picture of Campari at blaeshojve Denmark

Friday 10 February 2012

During our visit to Denmark last summer  to view celtic sires progeny we were delighted to see Campari fit & well and working hard


Aherne Family export Towerhill Christy, by Glebefarm Tyson, to Drumsleed Herd of Gerard and Morag Smith

Saturday 05 November 2011

Towerhill Christy, by Glebefarm Tyson, sold to Drumsleed Herd of Gerald and Morag Smith, Scotland for €5,100 at the irish simmental society premier sale  

Celtic Bentley, an 11 mt Celtic Starbuck son, weighing 680kgs, for €4,500 to John Dunne Portarlington.

Saturday 05 November 2011

Celtic Bentley, an 11 mt Celtic Starbuck son, weighing 680kgs, for €4,500 to John Dunne Portarlington at the Irish Simmental Society's Autumn Premier sale in Roscommon.

Curaheen Tyson's full sister sells for record 17,000 Euro at Irish Simmental Society Premier Autumn Sale, Roscommon

Saturday 05 November 2011

Curaheen Tyson's full sister sells for a Society record 17,000 Euro.  This is the highest price ever achieved at an Irish Simmental Society Official sale, and means that both the Male and Female record price for a Simmental Society sale are now held by Curaheen Tyson and his full sister.  Corby Family Newtowngore pictured with top priced Heifer Auroch Banshee ET

Corby Family pictured with Auroch Banshee ET

Celtic Herd''s first polled calves perfoming very well.

Sunday 23 October 2011

Celtic Herd''s first polled calves, both from imported embryos and semen, are performing well. Star of the crop is Celtic Comet P, who weighed in at exactly 550 kgs at 9 months.  He''s showing a lot of scope to grow on well, even though he has always been well shaped.  Comet P is by Sirius, who is also the sire of Campari PP.  Comet''s shape is of course helped by his mother - a full sister to Celtic Rock.


Campari PP daughters record top weights of up to 649kg at 365 days

Saturday 01 October 2011

Campari PP daughters record top weights of up to 649 kg and 599 kgs at 365 days, on Ove Kristiansen''s Stenbaakens Herd in Denmark.



Celtic Rock''s polled daughters are performing well in Denmark

Saturday 01 October 2011

Celtic Rock's polled daughters are performing well in Denmark, where they are helping put more width into the youngstock.  Rock''s progeny typically have a good square frame, a level topline, very good width at the hips and back to the tailhead, and generally improve udder quality - smaller teats and tight udders, but with aparently very good quality milk, as the calves grow on well.





Snaebum Campari PP son sets new weight gain record of 877kg at 365 days.

Monday 05 September 2011

Snaebum Campari PP son - Stenbaakens Fundus P sets a new weight gain record of 877kg at 365 days, on performance test in Denmark''s Aalstrup station.  Meanwhile, two other Campari sons record over 800kgs each at 365 days.


Snaebum Campari PP sons tops on Food Conversion at 4.15 : 1.

Thursday 01 September 2011

Snaebum Campari  PP had 4 sons through performance test in Denmark in 2011, one of which - Stenbaakens Fundus had a conversion ratio of 4.15 kg of feed per kg of gain.  Four sons of Campari PP all clocked in food conversions of between 4.15 and 4.34 to 1 !

Curaheen Tyson''s first daughter calved down

Thursday 01 September 2011

Curaheen Tyson's first daughter to calve down in the Celtic Herd has developed into a very nice young cow - she is just slightly above average in size, very long, easy fleshing, with a lovely udder and lots of milk in it.


Tyson is now No. 2 for Suckler Beef Value across all beef breeds in Ireland ( Dec 2010 )

Thursday 06 January 2011

Having started at a relatively low base on import just over 3 years ago Glebefarm Tyson''s figures have increased after each evaluation as more and more of his progeny filter data into the system. In this short space of time not only has he left a number of breed champions in the show circuit but is now ranked No 2 across of all beef breeds in Ireland for suckler beef value.  Following the latest evaluation last month Tyson now boasts a suckler beef value of 227 euro. 


"A chip of the old block" - Tyson''s sons converting grass to beef!!!!

Another National Champion for Celtic Sires

Friday 15 October 2010

Celtic Sires purchased Anatrim Bodybuilder following his recent success at Beef Expo when he beat stiff competition to secure the title of Simmental All Ireland Bull Calf Champion 2010."We are delighted to have secured this quality young bull for our stud, Bodybuilder displays tremendous growth and muscle but what we like most of all is that he combines the very best of the Anatrim bloodlines giving us great confidence going forward, that is young bull will deliver what the modern simmental requires."



Over 200 pedigree and commercial farmers make the trip to view Celtic Sires Progeny

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Visitors to the recent open day held by Celtic Sires in conjunction with the Anatrim herd of Simmental cattle were highly impressed with the quality of stock on view. Distance was no object for the crowd who attended with parties travelling from Germany, Switzerland, Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Over 200 pedigree and commercial farmers made the trip in order to view progeny from some of the most successful Simmental bulls on the circuit - Celtic Rock, Glebefarm Tyson, Celtic Starbuck and Curaheen Tyson. Delighted with the turnout, especially as Gerard & Angela sold three bull calves on the day. The weather was perfect and breeders were able to stroll through paddocks and look over stock at their ease before travelling an hour further to reach Kilkenny in time of the Beef Expo Gala Dinner.


Tullamore Simmental success for Curaheen Tyson in progeny pairs

Sunday 15 August 2010

Curaheen Tyson full sisters Auroch Witness and Curaheen Wilde Spirt exhibited by the Wall Family, Dublin lifted the the Simmental National Senior Progeny Pairs at Tullamore Show.

Curaheen Tyson full sisters Auroch Witness and Curaheen Wilde Spirt exhibited by the Wall Family, Dublin lifted the the Simmental National Senior Progeny Pairs at Tullamore Show.

Glebefarm Tyson daughter Celtic Ashling, Res Female Champion at Balmoral

Thursday 13 May 2010

On her debut show Celtic Ashling aged 16 months won the largest class of the day and then went on to take Reserve Female Champion at Royal Ulster Society Show, Balmoral, Northern Ireland, under judge Keith Vickery, Carberry Simmentals.

Auroch Ace, a three quarters brother to Curaheen Tyson, sells for Euro 11,000 to Scotland.

Saturday 08 May 2010

Auroch Ace, Curaheen Tyson's 3/4 brother sold to Gerald and Morag Evans for a new centre record of Euro 11,000 at the Irish Society''s May sale in Tullamore.  He will join their Drumsleed herd in Scotland.


Glebefarm Tyson son tops Tully sale

Monday 03 May 2010

12 month old son of Glebefarm Tyson, owned by Liam Waldron, Marblehill topped the Simmental section in Tully performance test centre sale in Kildare, selling for €5,000. He had a DLWG of 2.6kg on test with a feed conversion of 4.5 making him the best converter of all breeds on test.

Rock Son sells for 20,000gns at the Sterling Bull Sales

Wednesday 10 February 2010

On just their second day out for Rock progeny at Perth Bull sales, Stirling Blackford Wurzel 2nd claimed the Intermediate Championship for his owner Jim McLarnen and sold to Clive Houldley for the joint highest price of the day 20,000gns.

Raceview Merle Beauty is awarded the title of ICBF's Highest Index Beef Female

Thursday 31 December 2009

Curaheen's Tyson dam Raceview Merle Beauty has been awareded the title of Highest Index Beef Female of any Breed in Ireland by the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF). At the RDS Champion of Champion Awards 2009, Raceview Mearle Beauty picked up the award for Suckler Beef Value. 



Glebefarm progeny secure two championships at Roscommon Premier Sale

Sunday 15 November 2009

A son of Tyson was All Ireland 2009 Male Calf Champion at Strokestown Show in September for breeder Jenny Aherne, with red ribbons also being won at the Irish Simmental Society Sale held at Roscommon at the weekend. "Rubyjen Axel J" has the same carcase and easy fleshing traits that have made his sire a household name, and was snapped up for 3000 euros at just ten months of age.

The 2008 born heifer section at Roscommon was won by the baby of the class "Shiloh Winter" who clearly showed that despite a December birthday there was no match for her exceptional quality. This entry was bred and exhibited by Hugh Murray, County Westmeath who could not bear to part company with her even with an offer of 4000 euros in the sale ring. "This is a special heifer with real potential" commented well known Scottish judge Douglas Barr, who described the Tyson progeny throughout the catalogue as "like peas in a pod".

Glebefarm Tyson daughter exports to N. Ireland

Sunday 15 November 2009

Angela and Gerard Brickley secured the top price in the 2009 born heifer class with "Celtic Aisling", a January born Tyson daughter coming under the hammer at 2800 euros.This heifer is bringing Tysons genetics back to the north having being purchased by brothers Shane & Paul McDonald Tempo for their Coolcran herd

Rock Calves arrive in Perth

Wednesday 28 October 2009

The first Rock Calves arrived in Perth this week, with all four presented quickly finding new homes at a respectable 11,000gns, 9,000gns and 4,000gns twice. 

Gail Houleston with Rock son Saltire Wallace sold for 9,000gns

Celtic Sires run Calf Championships

Sunday 20 September 2009

Both male and female titles at the recently run Celtic Sires Calf Championships went to Glebefarm Tyson progeny. The bull calf title went to All Ireland winner Rubyjen Axel J and the heifer calf championship to first time exhibited Ger Fogarty with Macs Angela.

Macs Angela winner of Celtic Sires Heifer Calf Championships

Glebefarm Tysons first son wins All Ireland Title

Friday 18 September 2009

Glebefarm Tyson''s progeny have got of to a great start on the show circuit, with Rubyjen Axel J owned by Jennifer Aherne winning the All Ireland Smyths Calf Championship at Strokestown Show.

Rock daughter wins weanling heifer championship at Premier sale

Wednesday 12 November 2008

Ballingar Wendy sired by Celtic Rock and exhibited by Albert Bagnell Ballingar, lifted the weanling heifer championship at the recent Irish Simmental Society Premier sale in Roscommon. Wendy is the first Rock heifer to be offered for sale.

Ballingar Wendy, Weanling Heifer Champion, Roscommon 2008

Celtic sires acquires new bull Glebe Farm Tyson

Tuesday 10 April 2007

Celtic Sires recently secured the first live import of a simmental bull from Northern Ireland.

Glebefarm Tyson has been purchased privately aged 13 months from Alfie Shaw, Glebefarm Simmentals. Tyson is a son of Derrycallaghan Hamilton and bred from a homebred cow Glebefarm Natasha sired by Blackford Explosion, Alfie’s previous herdsire. Explosion needs no introduction having sired many prize-winning sons and daughters at Perth including Supreme Champion Glebefarm Reputation and Female Champion Glebefarm Melissa for the Glebe Farm Herd.

Alfie said,”  Tyson, we believe is the best carcase simmental bull ever to leave our yard in our 34-year history of breeding simmentals. However he is not just about carcase he comes from a long line of cows on both sides of his pedigree with great maternal traits. Tyson’s mother Natasha is a very easily fleshed cow with a good square udder great milking ability. Natasha reared twins as a heifer then Tyson on her 2nd lactation all from grass with no creep or supplementary feeding, just the kind of working cows we like.

Celtic Sires has been following Tyson’s progress through from a calf. He has tremendous natural muscling and the best backend I have seen on a simmental, after much negotiating I was delighted to secure him for our stud.

Having seen Tyson at an early stage and seen how good he was on his mothers milk alone we were very impressed with his natural development. Based on his pedigree and appearance we believe he will be easy calving. The female line is very strong as well; his grandmother worked to her 13th year and still had perfect feet and udder. I believe Tyson will breed great weanlings that will also make very good cows.”

Celtic Rock wins another National Title

Tuesday 15 August 2006

On his second day to be shown Celtic Rock makes two out of two becoming Junior Male and Overall Champion at the National Livestock Show at Tullamore last Sunday.

Judge Adrian Richardson from Cleenagh Herd pictured centre having just crowned Celtic Rock with his second National Title

Celtic Rock wins All Ireland Yearling Championship

Thursday 10 November 2005

On his first day to be shown Celtic Rock was selected as the All Ireland Yearling Champion by Billy McPherson, Blackford Scotland